Amritsari Aam Papad pack of 400 Gram


  • Aam papad Made with raw mangos
  • Aam papad Made with Mangos Pulp
  • Amritsari Purly dry aam papad
  • Premium quality aam papad
  • No artificial colors included
  • Khatta black tangy aam papad

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Khatta than Nimbu

Just taste aam papad and enjoy

Enjoy your khatta aam papad and enjoy after your heavy meal because it may helps your food to digest in right way.

All natural ingredients

aam papad has all natural ingredients like raw mangos only there is no other ingredients included.

No preservatives

as we already mention that aam papad has all natural ingredients included and also aam papad has no artificial colors or preservatives included.

Original Dry aam papad

SAEK Aam papad is an Indian fruit leather made out of mango pulp mixed with concentrated sugar solution and sun dried.


  • Mango pulp

Aam papad is also known as aamba sadhaa,Aamta,amawat,Maanga Thera,mamidi tandra,aamsotto and amba vadi

Most of aam papad made in Punjab and specially Khatta black aam papad made in Amritsar only. The other form of aam papad is yellow color metha aam papad which has sugar included but in this black aam papad no suger, color or preservatives included.



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